Cyber Security Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

Are you ready to play a key role in keeping global communication networks safe? SES, a major telecommunications services company with its main office in Luxembourg, is looking for a Chief Analyst for Cybersecurity. This job involves keeping an eye on internet security, responding to incidents, and making sure the whole world is safe. This job is great for skilled workers who want to move up in their careers in Luxembourg’s fast-paced job market because it comes with visa sponsorship.

Details of Cyber Security Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Position: Chief Analyst, Cyber Security
  • Company: SES
  • Job Type: Public
  • Industry: Telecommunications Services
  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Location: Betzdorf, Luxembourg

About SES

SES is known around the world for its satellite-based transmission services. Through its large fleet of satellites, the company is a key part of connecting people and businesses. Strong cyber security steps are more important than ever as SES continues to grow its global reach.

Criteria Required

  • Education: Cybersecurity, computer science, or information technology as a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience: Should have worked in the field for at least 8–10 years, ideally in Level 3 support.
  • Skills:
    • Know-how in forensics and research.
    • Know how to use security tools like antivirus software, email security, corporate discovery and response, web proxy/content filtering, SIEM, security orchestration and automated response (SOAR), and network and host intrusion detection efficiently.
    • Programming and scripting tools like Python, C/C++, PowerShell, and Bash should be known.
    • Ability to work past normal hours.
    • Ready to go through the EU/NATO security clearance process.


  • Incident Handling: Take care of security events on your own, following the set procedure for how to handle incidents.
  • Technical Analysis: Do in-depth technical studies, like looking for malware and doing forensic investigations on networks and systems.
  • Preparedness: Develop, implement, and keep improving the processes that are needed to make SES ready for security incidents.
  • Policy and Procedure Development: Make policies, procedures, and incident reaction tools better, and teach your team about these things.
  • Vulnerability Management: Be in charge of the plan for vulnerability management to find and rank the weak spots in SES’s systems, apps, and services.
  • Automation and Maintenance: Make the systems and technologies that the cyber security operations team uses more automated, keep them in good shape, and make them work better.

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Advantages of Working at SES

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Chief researchers at SES work with cutting-edge technologies, which keeps them on the cutting edge of the cyber security field.

Global Impact

Working at SES means helping to protect vital infrastructure, contributing to global efforts to improve cyber security, and making sure that everyone can communicate safely around the world.

Visa Sponsorship

Talented people who want to join SES’s cyber security team in Luxembourg can get a visa sponsored by the company, which makes the immigration process easier.

Competitive Compensation

Competitive pay packages are given to chief analysts to show their skills and the importance of their job.

Professional Development

Professional development is important to SES, so the company gives top analysts chances to improve their skills and move up in the company.

Collaborative Environment

When you join SES, you become part of a diverse and collaborative work environment that encourages cybersecurity experts to share their ideas and knowledge.

Work-Life Balance

SES encourages a good work-life balance by putting an emphasis on the health and happiness of its employees while still focusing on its cyber security goals.

Strategic Influence

Chief analysts are very important to SES because they help make the company’s cyber security policies and plans and make sure the company can handle new cyber dangers.

How to Apply?

More Info


As Chief Analyst for Cybersecurity at SES in Luxembourg, you’ll have the amazing chance to play a key part in making sure that global communication networks are safe. This job gives you the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies and help with cybersecurity efforts around the world. Duties include handling incidents, technical research, and vulnerability management. Benefits include fair pay, chances to grow professionally, help with visas, and a collaborative workplace that stresses balancing work and life. Check out how to apply to join SES if you have the right schooling, experience, and skills to make a big difference in cyber security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of working at SES as a Chief Analyst for Cybersecurity?

    Cutting-edge innovation, a global effect on improving cyber security, visa sponsorship, competitive pay, professional development opportunities, a collaborative work environment, a good work-life balance, and the ability to have a strategic say in shaping cyber security policies are just a few of the benefits.

  2. What qualifications are required to apply for the Chief Analyst for Cybersecurity position at SES?

    A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science, or information technology is required, along with 8–10 years of experience in the field, knowledge of forensics, security tools, programming/scripting languages, the ability to work outside of normal business hours, and being ready for the EU/NATO security clearance process.


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