Dishwasher Jobs in Luxemburg Visa Sponsorship

We are looking for a dishwasher to join our team. Their job will be to keep our kitchens and offices clean. The best part? It’s just the beginning of your job! Clear your way and go after what’s important to you. The main duties and duties of the job may be different in each Aramark site depending on what the client and the business needs. We’re proud of the level of service and safety we offer here at Aramark.

Details of Dishwasher Jobs in Luxemburg for Foreigners

Host Country Luxemburg
CompanyFood / Hospitality
LocationWaterloo, ON
Jobs TitleDishwasher Jobs
Jobs TypeFull-Time / Part-Time
GenderMale / Female
QualificationsHigh School / Secondary / Bachelor’s degree
Age Limit18 Years Above
Visa SponsorshipYes
Work ExperienceMinimum 1-2 Years Experience
Who Can ApplyOpen to All Nationalities
SalaryAverage Salary 15€ Per Hour

Work Responsibilities


  • As people bring dirty dishes, pots, and pans into the kitchen, wash them.
  • Take dirty plates from the eating area to the kitchen and put clean plates back in the front service areas.

Food Preparation Assistance:

  • As asked, help the kitchen manager make some basic food preparations.

Cleaning Responsibilities:

  • In charge of keeping the work area clean and cleaning the kitchen.
  • There are many parts of the kitchen that need to be cleaned. These include the floors, walls, shelves, fridges, freezers, microwaves, storage areas, and trash cans.
  • Make sure the kitchen is clean and well-organized all the time.

Inventory Management:

  • Make sure that there are enough plates, cups, glasses, utensils, and pans for the kitchen and service workers.

Exterior Cleaning:

  • Clean the outside of the restaurant, including the parking lot, the entrance for guests, the area for shipping and getting goods, and the area for storing trash.

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  • Career Development Opportunities: In Luxembourg, jobs as a dishwasher often come with chances to move up in your career and learn new skills in the hospitality business.
  • Competitive Pay: Many employers pay their dishwashers competitive wages, which makes sure they get paid fairly for their jobs.
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Some companies have programs to thank and praise dishwashers for their hard work.
  • Employee discounts: Dishwashers may get discounts on meals or services given by their workplace or businesses that are connected to them.
  • Flexible plans: Many dishwasher jobs offer flexible plans so that workers can balance their work and personal obligations.
  • Health Insurance: Some companies offer health insurance to protect their workers’ health and pay for medical costs.
  • International Experience: Working in Luxembourg puts you in touch with people from other countries, which helps you learn about other cultures and improves your working skills.
  • Networking Chances: Dishwashers may be able to make connections with coworkers, customers, and professionals in the field, which could help them get jobs in the future.
  • Training and Development: Some employers give training programs to help employees learn new things and advance in their careers.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Some employers will pay for a candidate’s visa, which makes it easier for people from outside of Luxembourg to officially work in the country.

Dishwasher Jobs in Luxembourg Salary

It costs 30 846 euros a month to be a cleaner in Luxembourg, which is about 15 euros an hour.

How to Apply for Dishwasher Jobs in Luxembourg

More Info


There are more things that come with being a cleaner at Aramark in Luxembourg. There’s a chance to build a job in hospitality, learn useful skills, and maybe even move up in the company. Aramark gives good pay, helps foreigners get visas, and a chance to work with people from different cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do dishwashers make in Luxembourg?

    The average salary for a dishwasher in Luxembourg is €15 per hour, which translates to around €30,846 per year.

  2. What are the main responsibilities of a dishwasher at Aramark?

    Cleaning the pots, pans, and plates.
    Getting dirty dishes out of the eating area and putting clean ones back in.
    help the kitchen manager prepare simple foods (as directed).
    Cleaning the kitchen and the places around it (the floors, walls, shelves, appliances, and so on).
    Keeping track of what kitchen goods are in stock.
    The restaurant’s outside (parking lot, door, etc.) needs to be cleaned.


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