Waiter Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship

Are you really interested in making dining situations great? Do you wish you could work in the United States’ lively hotel industry? Bon Appétit, a well-known name in the food business, is looking for unskilled Waiters to join our team in the USA and get their visas paid for.

In this exciting job, you’ll be a big part of giving great customer service and making sure that guests have amazing dining experiences. You don’t need any special training or experience; all you need is a drive for success and a love of hospitality.

Join Bon Appétit, a well-known name in the food and leisure industries, and be a part of a team whose goal is to provide outstanding dining experiences. We are currently hiring inexperienced waiters who want to work in the United States and need a visa to do so. We encourage you to look at our job openings if you love giving great customer service and want to work with a group of people who value great food.

Details of Waiter Jobs in USA Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Country: USA
  • Industry: Food/Hospitality
  • Job Type: Waiter/Waitress
  • Minimum Experience Required: No
  • Education Required: High School Diploma at least
  • Visa: Sponsorship (E3-B Visa or H2-B Visa)
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Accommodation: No
  • Employment Term: Permanent and Full-Time
  • Salary Hourly: $18 per hour


  • Education: You must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • Experience: Candidates should have worked in a related area for at least a year, like customer service, retail, or hospitality.
  • Active and Quickly Resolving Problems: Applicants may need to be active and able to work quickly while completing many tasks at once.
  • Management and Customer Service Skills: You must have strong management skills, such as the ability to lead, organise, and give great customer service.
  • Eligibility for a Visa: People who want to get either an E3-B visa or an H2-B visa must meet certain requirements, such as having certain qualifications, a certain job, and a company sponsoring them.
  • Flexibility: You must be able to work any plan, even on weekends and holidays, and have a flexible attitude towards work schedules.
  • Business and Operational Knowledge: It’s helpful to know about the business and operations of the retail, bar, food, and gaming areas.
  • Licensure: Depending on the job and the area, candidates may need a license for Responsible Alcohol Serving or other relevant credentials.

Job Duties

  • Supervising Kitchen Operations: Making sure that everything runs smoothly in the kitchen, including preparing food, making it, presenting it, and checking the quality.
  • Coordinating Guest Experience: Making sure that everything that has to do with the guest experience runs smoothly, from greeting guests to keeping an eye on their payments.
  • Train and Supervise Staff: To keep service standards high, train, guide, and watch over waiters, waitresses, kitchen staff, and other food and beverage workers.
  • Making Sure of High Service Standards: Making sure of high service standards in terms of being on time, food quality, presentation, personalization, and guest happiness.
  • Inventory management means keeping track of the kitchen’s utensils, food, and other food and drink supplies to make sure there are enough supplies and as little waste as possible.

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  • Competitive Pay: Waiters can expect to make a good living and get a lot of benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other nice things.
  • Visa Sponsorship: People who are qualified and want to work in the United States can get visa sponsorship, which makes it easy for people from other countries to look for work.
  • Professional Development: The company helps writers improve their skills and move up in their jobs by providing ongoing training and skill enhancement.
  • Gastronomic Environment: Waiters can work in a gastronomic environment with a group of people who are excited about great food and great customer service.
  • Experiences That People Will Never Forget: Waiters can be proud of their job and the positive effect they have on their guests’ experiences and memories because they help make meals memorable.

Who Can Apply

People from all over Asia, Africa, and Latin America are welcome to apply.

How to Apply

More Info


As an inexperienced waiter, you can join Bon Appétit’s team in the US and get good pay, help with your visa, and have chances to grow professionally. You don’t need to have any training to apply; all you need is a high school diploma and a love for hospitality. Join a culinary environment that is committed to giving guests top-notch dining experiences and making moments they will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to apply for a waiter job at Bon Appétit in USA?

    You must have at least a high school education, be able to work flexible hours, have good customer service skills, and be eligible for either an E3-B or an H2-B visa.

  2. Does Bon Appétit provide visa sponsorship for international applicants?

    Yes, Bon Appétit offers visa sponsorship for qualified candidates from Asia, Africa, and Latin America who wish to work in the USA.


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