Fruit Picking Jobs in Germany With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Join us on an amazing journey as we show you a world of possibilities in the middle of Germany’s farming landscape. Find out how you can turn your desire to try new things into a successful career by picking fruit that will pay for your visa.

Are you prepared to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and enjoy the charm of the country? Come with us as we look into jobs in agriculture in Germany, where opportunities for people with no experience are ready to be picked. Not only can you make money, but you can also learn about a new society and help a growing industry.

Details Of Fruit Picking Jobs in Germany With Visa Sponsorship:

Available Jobs in Germany Of Fruit Picking:

In Germany, you can find work picking fruit on farms, in orchards, and gardens. For the newest job openings, check with area farming businesses or job search websites. As a recognized seasonal employer, Germany can hire temporary workers from other countries to do work in the viticulture and horticulture businesses during certain times of the year.

  • Getting apples in the Rhineland-Palatinate area
  • Picking apricots in the Bavaria area
  • In Saxony-Anhalt, people pick blackberries.
  • Picking blueberries in the area around Schleswig-Holstein
  • Going cherry-picking in Brandenburg
  • Picking grapes in the Baden-Wurttemberg area
  • Picking peaches in the Hesse area
  • Picking plums in the North Rhine-Westphalia area
  • Picking raspberries in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern area
  • Going strawberry picking in Lower Saxony

Benefits Of Fruit Picking Job:

  • Seasonal Employment: Fruit harvesting is frequently classified as a seasonal occupation, providing individuals with the opportunity to work for brief periods throughout the harvest season. Individuals pursuing supplemental income or temporary employment during particular periods of the year may find this flexibility appealing.
  • Gaining outdoor experience: Fruit harvesting employment offers the privilege of performing work in a natural setting. Those who appreciate outdoor activities and would prefer a profession that provides opportunities to work in nature’s sunshine and pure air may find this position appealing.
  • Physical Demands: Fruit picking requires lifting, bending, and scaling ladders, among other physically taxing tasks. This can be advantageous for individuals who have a preference for occupations that require physical exertion, thereby promoting overall fitness and health.
  • Cultural Exchange: Numerous fruit harvesting positions in Canada attract workers from around the world, resulting in a workplace that is multicultural and diverse. This provides opportunities for individuals to engage in interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds, thereby promoting cultural exchange and empathy.
  • Learning Agriculture Skills: Fruit picking positions afford the chance to gain knowledge of agricultural procedures, such as planting, harvesting, and crop administration. Individuals with career aspirations in agriculture may find this experience to be financially beneficial.
  • Social Interaction and Teamwork: Fruit picking frequently necessitates collaboration among workers to harvest crops proficiently. Encouraging social interaction and cultivating collaboration abilities, promotes the formation of a sense of camaraderie among employees.
  • Financial Support: Although fruit harvesting employment is inherently seasonal, the earnings generated during that time can serve as a significant source of income. Numerous employees supplement their income with this cash or set it aside for future endeavors.
  • Access to Rural Areas: Opportunities for fruit harvesting are generally situated in rural regions characterized by a high concentration of agricultural activities. This provides individuals with the chance to immerse themselves in rural Canadian life, discover picturesque landscapes, and appreciate an alternative way of life.
  • Prospects for Overtime Compensation: Fruit harvesting employment may present the opportunity for overtime pay during periods of high harvest activity. Those who are seeking to optimize their profits during the peak season may find this to be beneficial.
  • Employment Opportunities for All Skill Levels: Fruit harvesting employment opportunities are frequently available to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and skill levels. This inclusiveness facilitates the accessibility of these positions to a wide variety of employees, thereby offering employment prospects to a profound spectrum of people.

Requirements Qualifications Of Fruit Picking Jobs in Germany:

  • Able to work on-site for long hours.
  • Hand-eye coordination is very good.
  • Good at talking to people.
  • Knowing how to grow in the best way possible.
  • Must be in good physical shape.

Fruit Picking Employee Salary in Germany:

The average salary for fruit pickers in Germany is €27,963 a year. The average salary for harvest workers is €21,025 a year, or €13 an hour. The salary range for both groups is €16,715 to €23,632.

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How To Apply Fruit Picker / Agriculture Jobs in Germany For Foreigners:

The best way to find Fruit Picking Jobs in Germany with free visa support is to go to an online job board and look for work. €13 an hour for farming jobs in Germany in 2024 Apply on the web. Here are a few of the most well-known sites.

List of Websites to Find Fruit Picker / Agriculture Jobs in Germany:

More Info


Fruit pickers can find work in Germany, which is a satisfying job for both newcomers and seasoned pros. This piece is useful for both newcomers and professionals because it talks about the Basic Requirements for Fruit Picker Jobs and the job market in the future.

  1. Who can apply for fruit-picking jobs in Germany?

    International applicants above 20 years old with at least a high school education and 1-2 years of work experience are eligible to apply for fruit-picking jobs in Germany.

  2. What are the benefits of fruit-picking jobs in Germany?

    In addition to housing, benefits include help with moving costs like airfare and support during the first few weeks of work.

  3. What is the skill of a fruit picker? 

    A hard-working and reliable fruit picker is highly experienced in inspecting, selecting, and harvesting healthy, ripe fruit. Demonstrates solid knowledge of fruit varieties and determination of maturity. Extremely cooperative with great attention to detail.


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