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Joining MercyCare is equivalent to becoming a part of something greater. A staff community whose efforts have a significant impact on the community at large. We assist individuals throughout their lives as the preeminent non-profit provider of geriatric care, family, community, early learning, and disability services in Western Australia. We invest in our people by providing opportunities for training and development, rewarding professions, and a values-driven culture in which they can flourish.

Details About Home Care Support Worker Jobs in West Perth:

  • Organization: MercyCare
  • Job Type: Permanent, Part-time
  • Salary: $31 an hour
  • Location: West Perth, WA 6005

About the Role:

As an Aged Care Services employee, you are invited to join our team. Home Care Support Workers are needed in the Northern Perth Metropolitan Suburbs.

We are touring the suburbs listed below:

  • Hillary
  • Kingsley
  • Girrawheen
  • Warwick
  • Edgewater

In this position, you will assist older Australians residing at home by accompanying them to and from appointments and purchasing, as well as by:

  • Personal hygiene, such as bathing and attending to oneself
  • Assisting clients with toileting, continence aides, and household cleaning
  • Mobility and relocation assistance
  • Appetizing meal preparation
  • Administration of medication
  • Assistance from others to live their finest life at home

About You:

You will have the following and be concerned with assisting senior Australians to maintain their independence at home:

  • Equivalent to Certificate III in Individual Support
  • Although not required, community support worker experience is desirable.
  • Outstanding communication abilities, including literacy and numeracy
  • Indeed, valid A driver’s permit
  • It is mandatory to have access to a roadworthy, WA-registered vehicle that is protected by third-party insurance.
  • Clearance from the National Police (obtained within the previous six months)

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Benefits of Home Care Support Worker Jobs in West Perth:

  • Flexible Schedule: A flexible work schedule is frequently appreciated by home care support workers because it enables them to effectively manage their professional and personal obligations.
  • Rewarding Work: As a home care support worker, one frequently performs gratifying tasks: extending aid and attention to individuals requiring assistance as a result of their condition, advanced age, or disability.
  • Possibility of Impact: Support workers actively participate in enhancing the quality of life and overall welfare of their clientele. Individuals who derive fulfillment from assisting others may find this sense of purpose to be an enormous advantage.
  • Training and Professional Development: Numerous employers allocate resources towards the training and professional development of their home care support staff, thereby guaranteeing that these individuals possess the essential competencies and understanding required to deliver care of the highest standard.
  • Competitive Compensation: Home care support personnel may be remunerated with salaries or hourly wages that are competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, some positions may pay overtime for any extra hours worked.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Home care support personnel might qualify for healthcare benefits, such as dental coverage and medical insurance, contingent upon the employer.
  • Travel Allowance: In consideration of the frequent visits of home care support workers to the residences of their clients, certain employers offer travel allowances or reimbursements to cover the costs associated with transportation.
  • Paid Time Off: Home care support workers potentially qualify for paid time off, which encompasses public holidays, medical leave, and vacation days.
  • Supportive Work Environment: An employer who places importance on their home care support workers establishes a supportive work environment, which promotes effective communication and collaboration.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are provided by certain employers to assist with personal matters, counseling services, and the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance.
  • Appreciation and Recognition: Acknowledgment for diligent effort and commitment can yield substantial advantages. Certain employers have implemented initiatives to recognize and value the contributions made by home care support workers.
  • Employment Stability: In this industry, where the demand for home care services is on the rise, employment stability is frequently advantageous because it gives employees a sense of security.

At MercyCare, every person matters.

Steeped in the Catholic Sisters of Mercy’s 175-year history, we are pleased to continue our mission of positively impacting our local communities. Respect, integrity, compassion, justice, excellence, and courage comprise our set of guiding principles.

Ensuring the safety and protection of children, young people, and the vulnerable is a top priority for us. We encourage applications from individuals of all ages, cultures, faiths, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations, in addition to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals.

More Info

  1. What is a support worker in a care home?

    Facilitating individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, mental health demands, communication challenges, and/or complex health needs to live freely is the vital role of support workers. Support workers supply individuals with the required physical and emotional assistance to help them attain their goals.

  2. How do I become a support worker in Perth?

    Certificate IV in Disability and Certificate III in Individual Support are both programs that are offered by TAFE colleges and other registered training organizations in Western Australia. Check the Jobs and Skills WA or My Skills websites to find a local training instructor.

  3. How much do aged care workers get paid in Perth?

    The salary rate for Aged Care Support Worker positions in Perth runs from $55,000 to $70,000 yearly.


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