Kitchen Helper Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

One of the best catering companies in Luxembourg, Concept + Accomplices SARL, is hiring foreigners to help out in the kitchen. The company is committed to new ideas, environmental friendliness, and happy customers. It is known for having a wide range of restaurants, bars, and catering services. This makes it a great place to work for people who work in restaurants and want to be part of a fast-paced team.

Idea + Accomplices SARL is looking for cooking helpers to help the cooking staff with things like cleaning, preparing food, and washing dishes. As well as having a good attitude and experience working in a kitchen, the ideal individual should also be able to work quickly while still keeping the kitchen clean and safe.

Details of Kitchen Helper Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Job Title: Kitchen Helper
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: 2-3 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes


  • Previous Work Experience: It’s best if you have worked in a kitchen or food service before. This includes jobs like kitchen helper, prep cook, laundry, and others like them.
  • Ability to Work in a Fast-Paced Setting: Kitchen helpers should be able to handle multiple jobs at once and be used to working in a fast-paced setting. This could mean making food, washing dishes, cleaning, and helping chefs or cooks.
  • Paying Close Attention: It’s important to pay close attention to the little things in order to follow recipes correctly, keep things clean, and make sure the food tastes good and looks good.
  • Communication Skills: You need to be able to talk to people and get along with them in order to work in a kitchen, follow directions from chefs or managers, and work well with your team.
  • Physical Needs: People who work in kitchens should be able to stand for long amounts of time, lift and carry up to 50 pounds, and do hard physical work like chopping vegetables, moving supplies, or using kitchen equipment.
  • Schedule Flexibility: As a kitchen helper, you may have to work nights, weekends, and holidays if needed. This is because the hours of these jobs depend on the restaurant or food business.
  • Organizational Skills: Good communication and organisation skills are needed to get things done quickly and easily in the kitchen, set priorities, and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Food Safety Knowledge: To keep the kitchen safe and clean, it’s important to know about food safety rules and practices, like how to properly handle, store, and clean food.
  • Equipment Proficiency: Cooking helpers need to know how to safely use common Cooking appliances and equipment, like ovens, grills, fryers, dishwashers, and knives, in order to do their jobs well.

Education and Training Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED: It’s best to have either a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. This educational background shows that you have the general reading, writing, math, and talking skills needed for the job.
  • Food Handler Certificate: For jobs as a kitchen helper, having a Food Handler Certificate is helpful but not always necessary. This license shows that the candidate knows about rules for food safety, how to properly handle food, and how to keep things clean. Employers often like candidates more who have this certification because they may need less training on the job.
  • On-the-Job Training: Kitchen helpers usually learn how to use tools, follow company rules, and follow kitchen procedures while on the job, even if they have previous training or certification. Some of the things that might be covered in this training are making food, keeping things clean, managing supplies, and helping customers.
  • Language Skills: Depending on the employer and the work setting, you may need to be able to speak English, French, or Luxembourgish well enough to get along with your coworkers and do what you’re told.
  • Work Experience: Having worked in a kitchen or food service setting before isn’t always required, but it can be helpful for people looking for kitchen helper jobs. Work experience as a dishwasher, kitchen assistant, prep cook, or in a similar role gives you the skills and information you need for the job.

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  • Health Insurance: Some extra health insurance plans may pay for dental care, eye care, and other medical costs that aren’t fully covered by social security. This makes sure that everyone has full healthcare coverage.
  • Company Benefits Plans: Some employers offer optional company benefits plans that can help you save more for retirement. Often, the workplace will match your contributions, which will give you peace of mind about your finances in the future.
  • Minimum Wages: Luxembourg has the highest minimum wages in the world. These wages depend on the education and skills of the worker and make sure that workers are fairly compensated and have enough money to live on.
  • Rates of Income Tax: In Luxembourg, income tax is determined based on a person’s situation, such as the type of family they have. For this reason, different tax classes are created that offer tax breaks and other incentives.
  • Life insurance: Some employers give life insurance as a benefit. This protects the employee’s family financially in the event of death, giving them peace of mind and support during hard times.
  • Meal Vouchers: These are pre-paid meal vouchers that can be used at restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries. They are partly tax-free and give workers great benefits and savings.
  • Flexible Working Arrangements: Options like flexi-time, compressed workweeks, or working from home are often available, which helps people balance their work and personal lives and meet their professional and personal goals.
  • Company Cars: are cars that employees can use for personal reasons. This is especially helpful for employees who have to drive a lot for work because it saves them time and money.
  • Gym memberships or wellness programs: gym memberships or on-site fitness facilities that are paid for by the company to improve the health of employees and support a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.
  • Employee discounts: these are savings that workers can get on a wide range of goods and services, like phone plans, travel, and entertainment.
  • Professional Development: Help with money or paid time off for things like going to conferences or taking classes that will help your job grow and your skills get better.


In Luxembourg, the average net pay for a kitchen helper is €33,755, which is 9% more than the national average. They also get an average bonus of €1,289.

How to Apply

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As a kitchen helper, you can get a visa sponsored by Concept + Accomplices SARL, one of the best food companies in Luxembourg. Candidates must have worked in a kitchen before, be able to work in a fast-paced environment, and be organized. If they are hired, they can get health insurance, company perks, and meal vouchers. For people who love the food business, this job is a great choice because the average net pay is €33,755, and there are chances to grow professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to work as a kitchen helper in Luxembourg?

    For this job, you need to have worked in a kitchen before, be able to work quickly, be organized, and have a high school education. Depending on the company, you may also need to be able to speak English, French, or Luxembourgish.

  2. How much is the average pay for a kitchen helper in Luxembourg?

    The average net pay for a kitchen helper in Luxembourg is €33,755, which is 9% more than the average pay across the whole country. On top of that, they get a bonus of €1,289 every month.


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