Multiple Jobs in Finland For Foreigners Visa Sponsorship

There are many jobs in Finland for foreigners with visa sponsorship. Due to its strong economy and busy job market, Finland is a great place for people in Europe who want to work but don’t have any experience to do so. People from all over the world can find jobs in the country that don’t require much or any skill, and many companies will help foreigners get visas if they are the right fit.

Cleaners, building workers, cooking assistants, warehouse workers, and cook helpers are the jobs that foreigners want the most in Finland. Most of the time, these jobs don’t require any special skills or knowledge, which makes them great for people who are just starting in their careers or want to switch areas.

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This makes it easy for people from all over the world to apply for jobs at many Finnish companies.

Details of Multiple Jobs in Finland For Foreigners Visa Sponsorship 

EducationHigh school
Who Can ApplyAny Nationality
SalaryAverage Salary 2,500-3,000 EUR Per Month

Benefits of Jobs in Finland For Foreigners Visa Sponsorship

  • Work-Life Balance: The Finnish work environment prioritizes work-life balance, guaranteeing that employees have sufficient time for recreational activities, familial obligations, and individual interests.
  • Succinct Healthcare and Education: Sponsored personnel who choose to reside in Finland are granted access to education and healthcare systems of the highest caliber, thereby safeguarding their own and their families’ welfare.
  • Innovative Work Environment: An Innovative Work Environment Finland’s technological advancements and reputation for innovation are well-known. Occupations in industries such as healthcare, renewable energy, and technology can provide opportunities to gain firsthand experience with state-of-the-art advancements.
  • Social Security and Benefits: Finnish workers are entitled to a range of social security benefits, including parental leave, unemployment benefits, and pensions, which serve as a safeguard in times of difficulty.
  • Safe and Progressive Society: A progressive and secure society, Finland is renowned for its egalitarianism, safety, and progressive social values. Establishing a workplace in such a setting may foster feelings of safety and inclusiveness.
  • Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle: Finland is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and its significant commitment to outdoor pursuits. Employees are afforded numerous recreational opportunities and a close relationship with nature.
  • International Experience: The prospect of working in Finland presents a valuable opportunity for individuals to gain international experience and cultural immersion, both of which are conducive to their professional development and personal growth.

Who Can Apply

Anyone in Finland can apply for a non-skilled job, but to be considered, applicants must meet the company’s important criteria, which make sure they have the right skills for the job.

Average Salary

  • Delivery driver: in Finland, you can expect to make around 2,000 to 2,500 EUR a month.
  • Kitchen Assistant: In Finland, an assistant in the kitchen makes between 1,500 and 2,000 EUR per month.
  • Caregivers make between 2,000 and 2,500 EUR a month.
  • Cleaner: In Finland, the average monthly salary for a cleaner is between 1,500 and 2,000 EUR.
  • Construction Workers: In Finland, the average monthly pay for building workers is between 2,500 and 3,000 EUR.

List of Available Unskilled Jobs in Finland

Construction Workers Jobs in Finland

In Finland, a lot of people work in construction, especially in the summer when projects are at their busiest.

Work Responsibility
  • Moving them around and taking them with you.
  • Building things and digging ditches are ready.
  • using power tools and saws (after getting the right training).
  • Help fix things like windows and doors.
  • Take out the trash and make sure the workplace is safe.

Cleaner jobs in Finland

Cleaning is an untrained job that is in high demand in Finland. During the year, people who clean businesses, hotels, homes, and public places keep them clean and organized.

Eligibility Criteria
  • People must be at least 18 years old in Finland in order to officially work.
  • People from outside the EU or the EU need a job permit to work in Finland. This can be gotten with help from an employer and is the process.
    Depending on the tasks you have, you may need to be able to speak Finnish, English, or both.
  • This person is physically strong and good at doing things by hand.

Kitchen Assistant Jobs in Finland

In Finland, people who haven’t gone to school often work as kitchen assistants, especially in the food and hotel service businesses.

Work Responsibility
  • Getting cooking supplies ready by doing things like chopping veggies and measuring spices.
  • Keeping kitchen tools and equipment clean and in good shape.
  • Doing chores in the kitchen and washing dishes.
  • Help put food on plates and arrange them in a way that looks good.
  • Then put things away and clean up the kitchen.
    Keeping track of the stock and placing orders is part of Part 6.

Caregiver Jobs in Finland

In Finland, people want to work as caregivers, especially in healthcare, where they help people who are sick, disabled, or old with their daily tasks.

Work Responsibility
  • Help with bathing and cleaning.
  • The job requires helping people move around, change positions, and make sure they are safe.
  • Making and serving food.
  • Giving people drugs.
  • Helping to clean the house and do the laundry.
  • A friend who you can talk to and who can help you feel better.

Delivery Driver Jobs in Finland

Delivery driver is a low-skilled job in Finland, mostly in the shipping and logistics industry. It takes a lot of skill to do this because you have to move things around town or across the country.

Work Responsibility

  • The job is to take items off the truck and put them back on again.
  • The job is to plan and make the best use of routes for transportation.
    Third, giving guests and clients the best customer service possible.
  • Keeping up-to-date shipping records and paperwork.
  • It is important to keep up with regular maintenance and safety checks on your car to keep it safe overall.

You can apply for additional jobs for unskilled workers in Finland.

  • Agents at call centers
  • Customer service representative
  • Delivery driver
  • Dishwasher and waitstaff
  • Farm worker
  • Food production worker
  • Gardening and landscaping worker
  • General worker
  • Hotel housekeeping and maintenance staff as well as housekeeping
  • Housekeeper
  • Janitorial worker
  • Lineworker in production
  • Retail sales associate
  • Security guard
  • Warehouse worker
  • Waste and recycling worker

How to Apply

According to the author, the best way to apply for low-skilled jobs in Finland is through websites that post job ads. These sites give people from other countries many ways to apply for low-skilled jobs in Finland. Here is a list of the best job sites for people from other countries.


Find out about the many low-skilled jobs available in Finland that allow foreigners to work, do well, and enjoy the high standard of living in the country. This guide is very helpful for people looking for work in Finland because it has a lot of information about job standards, salaries, and how to apply for jobs.

  1. How much is the average salary for different unskilled jobs in Finland?

    Delivery Driver: €2,000-€2,500 per month.
    Kitchen Assistant: €1,500-€2,000 per month.
    Caregiver: €2,000-€2,500 per month.
    Cleaner: €1,500-€2,000 per month.
    Construction Workers: €2,500-€3,000 per month.

  2. Can foreigners bring their families to Finland with these jobs?

    Yes, people can bring their families to many low-skilled jobs in Finland. There are rules about visas and immigration that candidates should check with the company and the right authorities to learn more.

  3. Is Finland hiring foreign workers?

    As a rule of thumb, yes. If you plan to work or start a business in Finland, you will usually need a residence permit. Your residence permit depends on the type of work you do.


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