New Australian Scholarships at University of Melbourne in 2024

In 2024, the University of Melbourne further solidifies its position as a leader in academic distinction and assistance to its heterogeneous student body through the establishment of three additional scholarships. Designed to accommodate both domestic and international students, these opportunities strive to cultivate scholarly development, stimulate scholarly inquiry, and advance campus wellness. Here is a detailed examination of the scholarship requirements and the benefits it provides.

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List of New Australian Scholarships at University of Melbourne:

1# Ivy May Pendelbury Scholarships 2024

The Ivy May Pendelbury Scholarships are designed to assist financially disadvantaged students in commencing or continuing their academic pursuits at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. There are an estimated five scholarships available, each offering a single payment spanning from $20,000 to $5,000, contingent upon the recipient’s annual income.


Prospective applicants must be members of the Church of England and exemplary undergraduate or graduate students at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. They should also be experiencing financial constraints that prevent them from continuing their education.

Selection Criteria:

The likelihood of successful completion of the proposed course of study, artistic merit, academic achievement, career aspirations, and financial need will be considered in evaluating applicants.

How to Apply?

A scholarship application and a student financial assistance application comprise the application process. Both must be submitted through the Scholarships Page at Melbourne University.

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2# Hiller Italian Art History Scholarship 2024

This Hiller Italian Art & History scholarship provides financial assistance to a Doctor of Philosophy – Arts candidate who wishes to conduct research or study in Italy or another European country on the history of Italian art from 1250 to 1650. Offered is a singular payment of up to $15,000.


Eligible applicants are doctoral candidates enrolled in the Faculty of Arts who are conducting research on Italian art history between 1250 and 1650 and intend to travel abroad for scientific purposes.

Selection Criteria: 

The award will be determined by the relevance of the overseas research, the quality and practicability of the proposed study program, the applicant’s academic merit, and their capability to execute the proposed project.

How to Apply?

A detailed travel itinerary, a statement of intent, a budget, academic references, and current academic performance are required with the application. Applying online is possible through the University of Melbourne Scholarships Page.

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3# Health Promotions Program (HPPG) Grant 2024

Up to $10,000 in funding is available through the Health Promotions Program Grant for student-centered, non-academic events, activities, and initiatives that promote health and well-being on campus.


Initiatives that make substantial contributions to the health and well-being of the university community are eligible to apply for the grant.

How to Apply?

For further information regarding the application process, please visit the Health Promotions Program website. To submit your application, please visit the University of Melbourne Health Promotions (HPPG) Scholarships Page.

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Benefits of New Australian Scholarships at University of Melbourne:

  • Financial Support: Scholarships from Australia awarded to students enrolled at the University of Melbourne cover a variety of expenses related to their studies, including tuition, living, and other relevant expenditures. This assistance alleviates students’ financial strain and empowers them to concentrate on their scholastic endeavors.
  • Access to High-Quality Education: The University of Melbourne is highly regarded internationally and is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia. Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to attend a renowned institution of higher learning, thereby augmenting their academic and professional opportunities.
  • Merit Recognition: Scholarships at the University of Melbourne are frequently awarded in recognition of other accomplishments, including academic prowess and leadership potential. Scholarships serve as validation of students’ diligence and achievements, thereby enhancing their self-assurance and drive.
  • Enhanced Opportunities: Australian scholarship recipients enrolled at the University of Melbourne are granted enhanced opportunities encompassing both academic and extracurricular pursuits. By engaging in leadership development activities, internships, research projects, and study abroad programs, they have the opportunity to enhance their collegiate experience.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Scholarship recipients are granted the privilege of establishing connections with industry professionals, faculty members, fellow scholars, and alumni. In the future, these networking opportunities may facilitate the formation of beneficial connections, mentorship, and professional alliances.
  • Global Exposure: The University of Melbourne fosters a dynamic and multicultural learning environment by attracting students from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Scholarships from Australia provide students with the opportunity to interact with peers from various countries, thereby promoting intercultural understanding and broadening their perspectives.
  • Progression in One’s Profession: A significant number of University of Melbourne graduates obtain employment or pursue further education, which contributes to their consistently positive employment outcomes. The credentials, skills, and knowledge that are essential for students to flourish in the current competitive job market are furnished by scholarships.
  • Community Engagement: Scholarship recipients may be afforded opportunities to participate in outreach, service initiatives, and volunteer activities within the university community. Students develop a sense of social responsibility and citizenship through their participation in community service.
  • Prospects for Research: The University of Melbourne is widely recognized for its exceptional research prowess in a multitude of fields. Scholarship winners might be allowed to collaborate with preeminent scholars on innovative research endeavors, thereby making significant contributions to their respective academic disciplines.
  • Individual Development: In addition to scholastic and professional advantages, Australian scholarships at the University of Melbourne foster the personal growth and progress of students. By overcoming obstacles, gaining experiences, and attaining success, students develop the fortitude, autonomy, and enduring competencies necessary for future triumph.


The newly established Australian scholarships provided by the University of Melbourne afford students a substantial opportunity to pursue academic interests, attain a university education of international caliber, and realize their utmost capabilities. In addition to merit-based financial assistance, these scholarships grant recipients access to an extensive array of academic and extracurricular activities. In addition to accruing the esteemed reputation and exceptional academic standards of the University of Melbourne, recipients acquire invaluable competencies, experiences, and professional networks that augment their individual and vocational development.

These scholarships foster an innovative, diverse, and inclusive community of future leaders and agents of change by contributing to the education of gifted individuals. In essence, the ramifications of these scholarships transcend the mere beneficiaries, as they actively participate in research, education, and constructive global endeavors that mold the trajectory of society.

  1. What is the University of Melbourne scholarship?

    The following are the criteria for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship: Remission of $10,000 in tuition for the initial year of an undergraduate program. Or, a fee waiver of fifty percent for the duration of a three-year undergraduate program. Remission of all tuition for the course of a three-year undergraduate program.

  2. Which University in Melbourne has scholarships for international students?

    Each year, thousands of sponsored and international scholarship recipients receive assistance from Victoria University (VU). Using our one-of-a-kind VU Block Model® International Scholarship, international students enrolled at VU Melbourne in 2024 who satisfy the criteria for being eligible may receive a reduction of thirty percent in tuition.

  3. How much is the University of Melbourne scholarship?

    A stipend of $37,000 per year, pro rata (2024 full-time study rate), payable to students seeking a Master of Research degree for a maximum of two years, and a doctoral degree for a maximum of 3.5 years.


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