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A lot of people from other countries are looking for work in EU countries. It looks like you want to work in Europe. Here are the Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs. I know it’s tough to get a job these days. You no longer need to worry about that, though, since you can now look for work that will sponsor your visa.

Any international candidate from anywhere in the world can apply for these jobs. Here is a list of jobs that will sponsor your Norwegian visa in 2024. There are many good things about these jobs for life, like interesting situations and good pay. Norway is the best place to work because it is in Europe. I know that most of you are interested in jobs that can help you get a visa for Norway. Let’s get right to it and look at the facts of these jobs one by one.

Benefits of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

  • High Standard of Living: Norway is known for having a high standard of living, thanks to its great education, health care, and social welfare programs. Jobs that sponsor visas give foreign workers and their families access to these perks.
  • Strong Economy: Norway’s economy is strong and stable, with businesses like technology, energy, finance, and healthcare doing very well. Jobs that sponsor visas usually pay well and offer chances to move up in the company.
  • Work-Life Balance: Norwegian workplaces put a lot of emphasis on work-life balance by offering shorter work hours, lots of parental leave, and lots of leisure time. Working in a country that sponsors visas lets foreign workers have a satisfying job and live a healthy life.
  • Safe and Accepting Environment: Norway is known for being safe and accepting. It regularly ranks high in global rankings for safety, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender equality. People from other countries who come to Norway to work or live can feel safe and welcome.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Foreign workers in Norway can fully experience the country’s rich cultural heritage through its customs, food, and outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and exploring beautiful landscapes.
  • Access to Education and Research: Norway has world-class universities and research centers that offer chances to learn more and advance in their careers. Jobs that sponsor visas may give foreign workers who want to advance their careers or go to school access to these tools.
  • Permanent Residency Pathways: Some jobs in Norway that support visas may offer ways to become a permanent resident or a citizen of Norway. This lets foreign workers settle down in the country and enjoy the benefits of being citizens.

Requirements of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

  • Job Offer: People from outside of Norway must have a valid job offer from a company that is ready to sponsor their visa. More often than not, the job offer should be for a post that cannot be filled by a Norwegian or European Economic Area (EEA) citizen.
  • Job Permit: People from outside of Norway who want to officially work there must apply for a job permit, which is also called a residence permit for work. Usually, this permit is linked to the job offer and company.
  • Qualifications and Skills: Those who want to apply must have the qualifications, skills, and experience needed for the job. Employers may want applicants to have certain degrees, professional certifications, or related work experience.
  • Language Skills: Depending on the job and what the employer wants, you may need to be able to speak Norwegian, English, or another language that is important.
  • Health insurance: Employees from outside of Norway must have proper health insurance while they are there. You can get this through a private health insurance plan or through the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (NIS).
  • Financial Means: Applicants may need to show that they have enough money to support themselves and any family members who come with them while they are in Norway. This usually includes proof that they have enough money to pay for their housing, food, and other needs.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Applicants usually need to show proof that they don’t have any criminal records from their home country or any other country where they have lived for a long time.
  • Application Fees: There may be fees to apply for a work permit. These fees can be different for each type of pass and each applicant’s home country.

List of Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs

This is the list of visa sponsorship jobs in Norway.

  • Teaching Jobs In Norway
  • Healthcare Sector Jobs in Norway
  • Engineering Jobs In Norway
  • Banking Sector Jobs in Norway
  • Hotel Jobs In Norway
  • Aviation Industry Jobs In Norway

Teaching Jobs In Norway

Post & Salary:

Secondary School Teacher (NOK 496,000/year), Senior Lecturer (NOK 862,000/year), Associate Professor (NOK 688,085/year)


Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate, or a High school diploma

People from outside of Norway who want to become teachers must apply for jobs as teachers in Norway in 2024. Norway is known for having a very good school system. Everyone from around the world comes to Norway every year to study. It also gives out a lot of grants every year. That’s why Norway has a lot of job openings in the teaching field to meet the needs of teachers. The job of associate professor can be applied for by anyone with a doctorate. If not, you can look for work as a professor.

Healthcare Sector Jobs in Norway

 Post & Salary:

Physiotherapist (NOK 1,130,000/year), Medical Director (NOK 2,122,081/year), Qualified Nurse NOK 459,000/year), and A General Physician (NOK 1,440,000/year).


Bachelor’s degree, Medicine degree, or Nursing

If you work in the healthcare field, you need to apply for this job. In Norway, the health care business is big and growing. There is a wide range of work open for people from other countries. People with a bachelor’s degree or a degree in medicine or nursing can apply for this job.

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Engineering Jobs In Norway

 Post & Salary:

Mechanical engineer (NOK 545,000/year), Lead Engineer (NOK 902,425/year), Electrical Engineer (NOK 590,000/year), Chemical Process Engineer (NOK 621,000/year)


Bachelor, Master degree

You should look for engineering jobs in Norway if you want to have a great life experience and make good money. People from other countries can apply for jobs at the Nigel Wright Group, 7ocean aS, COWI, Baker Hughes Norway, and other companies in 2024. If you meet the standards for the job, the company will choose you.

Banking Sector Jobs in Norway

 Post & Salary:

Accountant (NOK 630,000/year), Branch Manager (NOK 1,040,000/year), Customer Care representative (NOK 106,000/year), Finance manager (NOK 1,170,000/year)


Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree 

Other places to work in Norway that offer jobs are in the banking industry. People from other countries can apply for jobs in banks. To be eligible for the job, you need to meet the standards. Depending on the job, you may also need to be able to speak Norwegian and English. I’ll tell you about some Norwegian banks where you might be able to find work. The names of these banks are Nordea Bank, Solace Corporation, IEG-Investment Banking Groups, and more.

Hotel Jobs In Norway

 Post & Salary:

Chef (NOK 524,462/year), Receptionist (NOK 302,000/year), Bartender (NOK 233,000/year, Restaurant supervisor (NOK 725,000/year).


Not required or (Depending on your Job Type)

Job Openings in Hotels in Norway. A lot of hotels in Norway need foreign workers. These include Nordic Hotels and Resorts, Radisson Hotel Group, Dalen Hotel, Quality Hotel Expo, and more. There are lots of job openings in many areas, such as cook, restaurant manager, housekeeper, receptionist, front desk, beverage, and management.

Aviation Industry Jobs In Norway

 Post & Salary:

Pilot (974,577 NOK/year), Flight Instructor (481,000 NOK/year), ATC (341,000 NOK/year), Ticketing Agent (289,000 NOK/year)


Bachelor’s, Master’s degree

Norway has jobs in the aviation business as a Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Ticket Agent, and Flight Instructor. To get these jobs, you need to have the right skills and experience in the field. There are jobs in flight in Norway at Oslo Airport, Flyr Airline, Pilot Flight Academy, and other places.

Website to find Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs


Find great jobs that will support your Norwegian visa in 2024 in a wide range of fields, such as teaching, healthcare, engineering, banking, hospitality, and aviation. Learn about the good things about working in Norway, like the high standard of living, the strong economy, the work-life balance, the safety, the cultural growth, the access to education and research, and the ways to become a permanent resident.

Find out what you need to get a work visa in Norway, such as a job offer, a permit, qualifications, language skills, health insurance, money, and a clean crime record. Find out in detail about the roles, salaries, and educational requirements needed for each sector. You can also find possible companies and job openings in Norway.

  1. What are the benefits of working in Norway?

    There are many good things about working in Norway, such as a high standard of living, a strong economy, a good mix between work and life, safety, cultural enrichment, access to education and research, and ways to become a permanent resident.

  2. What are the requirements for obtaining a work visa in Norway?

    Usually, you need a valid job offer from a Norwegian company, a job pass (residence permit for work), the right qualifications and skills for the job, the ability to speak and understand Norwegian, health insurance, money, and no criminal records.


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