Senior Risk Analyst Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

The City of Calgary is seeking candidates for the position of senior risk analyst. Those who are most qualified and deserving are being considered for this position. In addition to advising on contracts about products and services, construction, and consulting, they are tasked with reviewing contracts that include indemnification and insurance provisions. Applicants are now accepted for this position.

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Details of Senior Risk Analyst Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer Name: City of Calgary
  • Position: Senior Risk Analyst
  • No. of vacancies: 2
  • Salary: $42.09 to $56.27 per hour 
  • Employment Type: Full-time 
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Description of Senior Risk Analyst Jobs:

  • Candidates for this position are selected to negotiate contract language for third-party contracts and serve as a resource for inquiries regarding operational risks.
  • Additionally, they are tasked with aiding in the assessment of the corporation’s risk tolerance while prioritizing the welfare of the citizens and the interests of the city.
  • The incumbents of this position are selected to conduct investigations into emergent risks and determine the most rational insurance prerequisites for said risks.
  • The candidate for this position is selected to conduct data analysis in response to an inquiry from the insurance broker of The City.
  • These individuals are additionally tasked with establishing goals for the acquisition of insurance coverage by the risk tolerance of the municipality and establishing requirements for internal and external collaborators to adhere to strict time constraints.
  • The ability to generate and disseminate renewal bundles for internal business units and society partners is required.
  • Additionally, candidates are designated to deliver developmental support and training in the field of risk and insurance.

Requirement of Senior Risk Analyst Jobs:

  • Applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Risk Management credentials, and a minimum of five years of experience in the insurance industry.
  • A degree and a minimum of five years of experience in the insurance industry are prerequisites for qualification for this position.
  • To qualify for this position, candidates must demonstrate a comprehensive functional knowledge of personal and commercial insurance policies, as well as insurance concepts.
  • For this position, candidates must demonstrate exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities, a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and the capacity to work effectively in a team setting.

Benefits of Senior Risk Analyst Jobs:

  • Tasks that are stimulating and difficult: Due to the intricate nature of the financial data and models they manage, senior risk analysts engage in intellectually stimulating tasks. They develop strategies to mitigate potential hazards and market trends, a process that requires critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Possibilities for Career Development: Career progression is frequently possible for senior risk analysts within their respective organizations. They may advance to positions of greater responsibility, such as chief risk officer, director of risk management, or risk manager, as their expertise and experience grow.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: The competitive compensation and benefits that senior risk analysts generally enjoy are commensurate with the critical nature of their responsibility to oversee the financial risks of organizations. They may also qualify for incentives or performance-based compensation that are contingent on the outcomes of risk management.
  • Advancements in Professional Development: We provide senior risk analysts with continuous training and development opportunities to enhance their expertise and comprehension in the areas of financial analysis, risk management, and regulatory adherence. Engaging in ongoing education enables them to remain current with the latest industry trends and optimal methodologies.
  • Industry Acknowledgment: Risk management is an indispensable organizational function, especially in the financial services industry. The financial services industry accredits senior risk analysts for their crucial contributions and expertise in preventing financial losses, ensuring regulatory compliance, and safeguarding assets.
  • Collaboration Across Functions: Senior risk analysts engage in cross-departmental collaboration, encompassing finance, compliance, legal, and operations, to evaluate and alleviate risks that affect the entire organization. The promotion of effective risk management strategies and a greater comprehension of business operations are both outcomes of this cross-functional collaboration.
  • Possibility of Affecting Decision-Making: Senior risk analysts influence the strategic decision-making processes of senior management and executives through their insightful observations and recommendations. They support the decision-making processes of organizations by identifying emergent risks and suggesting risk mitigation strategies, thereby aiding in the achievement of long-term goals and objectives.
  • Employment Opportunities Worldwide: The transferability of risk management skills across industries and geographic regions provides senior risk analysts with the chance to advance their careers on a global scale. By working for regulatory agencies, financial institutions, multinational corporations, or consulting firms, they acquire exposure to a variety of markets and regulatory environments.
  • Employment Security: Risk management is an essential operation during both prosperous economic times and times of unpredictability. Organizations employ senior risk analysts to help them navigate obstacles and make well-informed decisions, a responsibility that significantly enhances their employment stability and security.
  • Contribution to the Success of the Organization: Senior risk analysts assist organizations in attaining their strategic goals through the identification and management of potential threats to reputation and financial performance. Through proactive risk management, they enhance the resilience, sustainability, and long-term success of the organization.

How to Apply For Senior Risk Analyst Jobs in Canada?

All applicants who wish to be considered for this position need only visit the provided link and complete the application form. They will be required to provide accurate information on the application; failure to do so will result in the cancellation of their registration.

More Info

  1. Is risk analysis a good career?

    Being a risk analyst is unquestionably a prestigious and rewarding career choice. To evaluate its attractiveness, let’s break down various factors: Opportunities for Advancement (Score: 8): As a high-level position, the risk analyst role offers considerable influence and decision-making authority.

  2. How much does a senior risk analyst make in Canada?

    The average salary for a senior risk analyst is $88,380 per year in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a senior risk analyst inada is $9,067, with a range from $6,174 to $to3,317.

  3. What skills are required for a risk analyst?

    Skills include strong numeracy, analytical, and strategic skills. 
    good research skills. 
    planning and organizational skills and problem-solving ability. 
    IT competence and computer literacy. 
    negotiation skills. 
    written and oral communication skills. 
    the ability to explain complex issues and present technical information.


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