Technical Sales Manager Job in UK with Visa Sponsorship

In the world of technical sales, the job of a Technical Sales Manager is very important for success. We will talk about the details of the Technical Sales Manager job in this blog post, with a focus on jobs in the UK that can help you get a visa.

Technical Sales Manager Job Description:

There is a big gap between scientific knowledge and sales know-how, and a scientific sales manager fills that gap. This person’s job is to understand complicated technical goods and services and explain to potential clients how they can benefit from them. In the competitive tech business, they need to be able to turn complicated technical details into interesting stories to make sales.

Technical sales manager salary in UK:

A lot of people want to know about their salary to see if it’s enough to pay their bills. But that’s why I’m here. Even though the pay depends on how many years of experience, where the job is, and the company.

A professional sales manager, on the other hand, makes an average of £38,592 a year, or £15.98 an hour.

High Paying Companies for Technical Sales Managers in UK:

You’ve come to the right place if you want to apply for work-from-home roles as a tech sales manager. But here are some reputable companies that pay well and offer benefits:

IC Resources:

Salary range: £56,418- £86,000

Besides this job, they have other jobs like it for people who are looking for work. But some of these jobs are sales account manager, sales manager, channel manager, and so on.

Bms Performance Llp:

Salary range: £23,979 to £63,278 per year and £9.74 to £17.80 per hour

You know that this company needs workers and its size goes from 511 to 200. There are other jobs they offer besides this one, like business development manager, regional sales manager, and more.

BMS Performance:

Website to apply:

Salary range: £22,722 to £72,285 per year, £12,257 to £17,027 per month

Highest Paying Cities For Technical Sales Managers Near UK:

The following is a list of the highest-paying cities for technical sales managers near the UK:

CityPer hourPer year

Duties of Technical Sales Manager Jobs:

  • Make plans for selling technical goods or services and put them into action.
  • Find and target possible clients, and build and keep connections with them.
  • Give your business technical help and advice
  • Work with your teams to make sure the work is delivered correctly.
  • Put together and give sales talks
  • Keep up with changes in the business and what your competitors are doing.
  • Help clients with technical details and making changes
  • Make sure that the standards for getting a work visa in the UK are met.

Benefits of Technical Sales Manager Job in UK with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Employment opportunities: Technical Sales Manager positions are in high demand throughout the UK, including technology, manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare. Visa sponsorship broadens the pool of candidates for companies, allowing them to recruit top talent from all around the world.
  • Visa sponsorship: Employers provide visa sponsorship to individuals so that they can lawfully live and work in the United Kingdom, providing stability and security. This is especially useful for people who would not normally qualify for a work visa due to their talents or qualifications.
  • Excellent Salary and Benefits: Technical Sales Manager positions frequently come with excellent pay and benefits packages that include bonuses, commissions, health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits. This guarantees that employees receive appropriate compensation for their abilities and services.
  • Professional development opportunities: Professional development possibilities for Technical Sales Managers include training programs, workshops, and conferences to help them improve their sales skills, industry knowledge, and leadership capabilities. Employers may encourage staff to pursue relevant certifications or higher education.
  • Job satisfaction: Technical Sales Manager positions can be extremely fulfilling because they require solving complicated challenges, creating client connections, and driving business growth. Employees are satisfied when they reach sales targets, exceed client expectations, and contribute to the company’s success.
  • Variety and challenge: Technical Sales Managers encounter a variety of problems in their employment, such as understanding technical products or services, navigating complex sales procedures, and maintaining client relationships. This variation keeps the job exciting and allows people to constantly learn and progress.
  • Travel opportunities: Technical Sales Managers may be able to travel locally and worldwide to meet with clients, attend conferences, and participate in trade exhibits. This enables individuals to diversify their professional networks, obtain fresh insights, and experience foreign cultures.
  • Work-life balance: Many organizations recognize the value of work-life balance and provide flexible working arrangements for Technical Sales Managers, such as remote work alternatives, flexible hours, and significant vacation time. This allows employees to strike a balance between their work and personal lives.
  • Networking opportunities: Working as a Technical Sales Manager in the UK allows you to connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and business partners. Building solid contacts and a large professional network can lead to new opportunities for career progress.
  • Contribution to company growth: Technical Sales Managers are responsible for increasing revenue and extending the organization’s customer base. Employees immediately contribute to the company’s performance and profitability by identifying new sales prospects, developing strategic alliances, and providing value to clients.

Skills and Requirements:

You’ll need to have:

  • A solid technical background
  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills
  • Sound judgment and good business sense
  • Organizational skills
  • Teamworking ability
  • The ability to build relationships quickly and effectively
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Resilience and tenacity
  • Independence and self-reliance.

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Requirements for Technical Sales Manager Job:

You will need to have years of experience in sales and a track record of meeting goals. Some also needed to know about the business, have a track record, and have academic qualifications.

Types of Visas for Technical Sales Managers:

Tier 2 (General) Visa:

  • This visa is for skilled workers who are not from Switzerland or the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • To be eligible, you need to have a job offer from a company in the UK that has a current Tier 2 sponsorship license.
  • You can get this visa because you are a “skilled worker” in your job as Technical Sales Manager.

Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) Visa:

This visa is for people who already work for a global company and are being transferred to a branch in the UK.

People in the UK who want to move up in their careers within the same company can use the intra-company shift route.

How to Apply:

The application process is easy, below are steps to follow:

  • You should add important technical and sales experience to your updated resume.
  • Look into companies in the UK that offer visa sponsorship.
  • To do a study, go to websites like or
  • You can also go to the websites of companies and use their job pages to apply.
  • Make sure that your cover letter calls out your expertise and sales skills.
  • Get ready for possible interviews by showing how knowledgeable and excited you are about the job.


Becoming a Technical Sales Manager in the UK with visa sponsorship is a smart move that can lead to a lot of different job possibilities. You can be successful in the fast-paced and growing UK tech business if you know about the different types of visas and carefully follow the application process. Take advantage of the chance to help shape the future while building a successful career in one of the world’s most important tech hubs.

  1. What is the average salary for a Technical Sales Manager in the UK?

    For a Technical Sales Manager in the UK, the average pay is £38,592 a year, or £15.98 an hour. How much you get paid may depend on your skills, where you work, and the company.

  2. Which companies in the UK offer high salaries for Technical Sales Managers?

    Technical Sales Managers can make between £56,418 and £86,000 a year at IC Resources and between £23,979 and £63,278 at BMS Performance LLP, both of which are reputable companies.

  3. What are the qualifications for a sales manager?

    A bachelor’s degree in business or marketing administration. MBA preferable. Two to three years experience as a sales manager. Three to five years of sales experience.


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