Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden 2024 – Apply Now

There are more than 30 companies in Sweden that can help people from other countries get a work visa. If you want to work in Sweden, your Swedish boss needs to be able to give you a job that helps you get a visa.

I’m going to talk about some jobs that can help you get a 2024 Swedish visa. The Swedish government keeps a list of companies that may hire people from other countries. The Swedes gave out more than 10,000 work visas in the first few months of 2024.

The name of the page is It says that up until August 2024, 5950 work passes were given to people who wanted to work in Sweden. As long as you can’t find work in Sweden, you can apply for a special visa called the Sweden Job Seeker Visa 2024.

People from outside the EU can work in Sweden with this visa, even if they don’t have a sponsor. There is more information and a list of Swedish companies that will pay for tickets on the website.

Swedish Certified Employers

These are some Swedish companies that are allowed to hire people from other countries. These businesses can hire the most people from other countries.

  • Spotify
  • Codit
  • ABB
  • MSD Sverige
  • Tele2
  • Ericsson
  • TINK
  • H&M
  • True Caller
  • IKEA
  • Google
  • Organon
  • Vestas
  • Microsoft
  • Skanska
  • AstraZeneca
  • SAS
  • Electrolux
  • Sandvik
  • Platform24
  • Dowhile
  • Forza
  • Crimson Education
  • ATG
  • TietoEVRY
  • Volvo
  • Events by L
  • Prospect Healthcare
  • Hedvig AG

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden

  • Legal Employment: Visa support makes sure that foreign workers can legally live and work in Sweden, giving them a safe and legal situation.
  • Stable Income: Jobs that support visas usually come with a steady source of income that lets foreign workers pay their costs and help the family’s finances stay stable.
  • High Quality of Life: People around the world know Sweden for having a good quality of life with great healthcare, education, and social services. Being able to get these perks from working in Sweden makes for a comfortable life.
  • Cultural Exposure: People from other countries who work in Sweden can fully experience Swedish culture, language, and way of life. It gives you a chance to experience the habits and customs of the area.
  • Global Work Environment: The workplace in Sweden is varied and connected to the rest of the world. Foreign workers can work with people from different backgrounds, which makes the workplace more diverse and rich.
  • Career Development Opportunities: A lot of businesses in Sweden emphasize their employees’ growth. Jobs that sponsor visas may offer chances to learn new skills, get trained, and move up in your job.
  • Work-Life Balance: A lot of companies in Sweden care about the growth of their workers. Jobs that pay for visas might give you the chance to train, learn new skills, and move up in your company.
  • Innovative Work Environment: Sweden is at the cutting edge of new ideas and technology. Working in the country gives you access to cutting-edge fields and promotes an attitude of coming up with new ideas.
  • Social Benefits: Social benefits like paid vacation, parental leave, and health insurance are common in Swedish jobs, which makes people happier with their jobs generally.
  • Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle: Sweden cares about the earth and wants to protect it. Working in the country gives you the chance to be a part of a society that cares a lot about being green.

Jobs That Are in Demand

Police officers, system analysts and IT architects, software and system developers, nursing assistants, midwives, civil engineers, specialist nurses, doctors, special needs teachers and educators, and primary school teachers.

What does “Certified Employer” mean?

Companies that are certified can hire a lot of really good people from other countries. These businesses can hire people faster with the help of the Swedish Migration Agency.

In 10 days, a recognized company will find out if they can hire someone from another country.

We already talked about these companies, and the Swedish Migration Agency said they were good because they hired people from other countries and followed the rules.

Job Portals to Find Swedish Jobs


Find out how to get a work visa for Sweden in 2024, including how to get a Sweden Job Seeker Visa if you are not a member of the EU. Check out a list of certified Swedish companies, like Spotify, Ericsson, Google, and Microsoft, and see what kinds of jobs are in high demand. Learn about the perks of being a “Certified Employer” and how the Swedish Migration Agency can speed up the hiring process. To find work in Sweden, you can use several job boards, such as Swedish universities, LinkedIn, Indeed Sweden, and others. This guide is helpful for anyone who wants to work in Sweden, whether they are a teacher, a healthcare worker, or an IT expert.

  1. What is the Sweden Job Seeker Visa, and who can apply for it?

    The Sweden Job Seeker Visa is for people from outside the EU who want to work in Sweden. It lets people apply for jobs even if they don’t have a backer. You can find out more on the website

  2. How many work visas were given out by the Swedish government in 2024?

    The website shows that in the first few months of 2024, the Swedish government gave out more than 10,000 work cards.

  3. How can a foreigner get a job in Sweden?

    The majority of individuals submitting work permit forms should do so online via the Swedish Migration Board’s website. Candidates who register online, are granted a permit, and receive exemption from visa requirements for entry into Sweden usually do not have to pay a visit to the consulate.


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