Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Those with working holiday visas from other countries can earn money and obtain valuable experience by picking fruit in Canada. Thanks to visa support, it is now easier for foreign laborers to enter Canada and work in agriculture.

Fruit harvesting is a common seasonal employment in the nation that offers a fantastic chance to travel and obtain useful work experience. Canada’s most sought-after locations for fruit-picking occupations include the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, and the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

The fruits that can be harvested include apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, plums, raspberries, grapes, and cherries. These fruits vary depending on the season.

The bulk of fruit-picking jobs in Canada are seasonal, usually lasting two to three months, while some companies offer year-round employment. A fruit-picking job requires physical fitness and the ability to work outside in all-weather situations.

Most farms are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with breaks throughout the day, however some are open later. If you’re looking for a summer job or thinking about making a long-term career out of it, picking fruit is a terrific way to make some cash and see the nation.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  • Physical Exercise: Engaging in fruit harvesting entails exerting physical effort, thereby affording individuals the chance to perform outdoor labor and sustain an active way of life.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: Employment in the fruit picking industry frequently draws a heterogeneous staff, affording individuals the chance to interact with individuals of various cultures and origins.
  • Adaptability: A considerable number of fruit harvesting positions provide employees with the flexibility to select their work hours.
  • No Required Formal Education: In general, fruit harvesting occupations do not necessitate specialized knowledge or formal training, rendering them accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals.
  • The concept of teamwork: A multitude of fruit-picking responsibilities are carried out collectively, which promotes worker camaraderie and cooperation.
  • Possible Overtime Compensation: Overtime pay for fruit workers during periods of high harvest activity may be contingent upon the employer and local labor regulations.
  • Prompt Employment: Seasonal fruit harvesting employment opportunities frequently present individuals with expedient employment prospects.
  • Pay on a Piece-Rate Basis: Workers are compensated a piece-rate wage for certain fruit harvesting positions, in which their wages are proportional to the amount of fruit they harvest. This has the potential to result in higher wages for employees who are more rapid and effective.
  • Rural Employment Predominantly: Opportunities for fruit harvesting are frequently present in rural regions, which contributes to the employment landscape of areas where agriculture is a major industry.
  • Gain knowledge of agriculture: Fruit-picking occupations afford individuals the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in the field of agriculture through their involvement in crop cultivation and harvesting procedures.
  • Outdoor Circumstance: A career in farms or orchards provides exposure to the natural environment, which may appeal to individuals who appreciate the splendor of nature and breathing in pure air.
  • The Seasonal Characteristics: The cyclical nature of fruit harvesting employment provides individuals with the opportunity to pursue alternative endeavors, such as furthering their education or embarking on journeys, during the off-season.

Available Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

Opportunities to pick fruit are widely available across Canada, ranging from seasonal work to year-round employment. If a foreign worker meets the required experience and skill requirements, many companies are willing to sponsor their visa.

  • Apple Picking – Location: British Columbia – The Okanagan Valley
  • Strawberry Picking – Location: Ontario – Niagara Region
  • Blueberry Picking – Location: Alberta – Peace Country
  • Cherry Picking – Location: British Columbia – Fraser Valley
  • Peach Picking – Location: Alberta – Edmonton Area
  • Grape Picking – Location: Ontario – Niagara Region
  • Pear Picking – Location: British Columbia – Okanagan Valley
  • Raspberry Picking – Location: Quebec – Monteregie Region
  • Plum Picking – Location: Nova Scotia – Annapolis Valley
  • Apricot Picking – Location: British Columbia – Okanagan Valley

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Obtaining a Visa for Fruit Picking in Canada:

Canada’s huge landmass includes some of the world’s most productive and diverse agricultural regions. There are multiple ways for foreign workers to find employment in the fruit-picking sector. The high point? Many seasonal fruit-picking enterprises in Canada sponsor visa applications for potential seasonal workers.

Available Canadian Visas to Explore:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP):
    • Intended for foreign nationals working temporarily in Canada, such as those who pick fruit.
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP):
    • Ideal for foreign workers in seasonal agricultural activities like fruit picking, this visa is valid for a maximum of six months.
  • Working Holiday Visa:
    • For people who want to travel and work in Canada between the ages of 18 and 35, this permits up to a year of work in seasonal agriculture, such as fruit picking.
  • International Experience Canada:
    • Permits young people (18–35) to work and travel in Canada for a maximum of two years. This includes working in seasonal agriculture jobs such as fruit picking.

Requirements for Securing a Visa:

Applicants must fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for fruit-picking employment in Canada under the sponsorship of a visa, such as:

  • The minimum age requirement of eighteen years old.
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the intended travel date.
  • A legitimate work permit or visa, such as a visa for temporary employment abroad.
  • Authentic job offer from a Canadian corporation that includes information about pay and benefits.
  • Demonstrated experience and qualifications for the position.
  • Evidence of being able to support oneself financially in Canada.
  • Health insurance protection.
  • A spotless criminal history.

Securing a valid job offer from a Canadian employer and fulfilling these standards might expedite the visa application process.

Working Conditions in Canadian Fruit Picking Jobs:

Fruit pickers in Canada typically have good working circumstances, which include fair compensation, enjoyable jobs, and accommodation and food provided.

For foreign laborers looking for work, fruit harvesting in Canada presents a viable choice.

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  1. How much is a fruit picker’s salary in Canada?

    In Canada, the average salary for a fruit picker is $15.21 per hour or $29,660 per year.

  2. What is the NOC code for fruit pickers in Canada?

    In Canada, there are approximately 310 jobs for pickers of fruits and vegetables. The jobs that were located were for workers who harvest (NOC 85101).

  3. Is there an age limit for fruit pickers in Canada?

    Consequently, they make it possible for foreign employees to apply if they are interested. All the details needed to apply for Apple Picker Jobs in Canada are accessible. Second, a fruit picker job doesn’t demand a formal degree. No age limit.


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