Jobs in Belarus with Visa Sponsorship 2024 – Apply Now

Belarus is providing employment opportunities that facilitate visas for foreign nationals. Foreign nationals are granted the opportunity to seek employment in Belarus and to labor there. To obtain employment in Belarus, one must secure sponsorship for a work visa from a Belarus employer. Today, here we provide comprehensive information on Belarus Visa Sponsorship Jobs for foreigners, including benefits, prerequisites, job categories, and the application procedure.

Details About Jobs in Belarus with Visa Sponsorship:

Host CountryBelarus
Visa TypeSponsorship Work Visa
Eligible ForInternational Applicants

Types of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Belarus:

Belarus offers a diverse range of employment opportunities that provide visa sponsorship.

Senior Growth Product Manager, Director of Product (New Products), Engineering Manager, Senior Data Scientist, Senior Product Manager, Sales Operations Team, Senior Software Engineer in Test, Lead of Workforce Management Forecasting, Senior Product Manager, and Growth Product Manager.

Types of Work Visas in Belarus:

Three distinct categories of visas are acceptable for entry into Belarus.

1) Type B visa for transit

With a Belarus Type B transit visa, visitors are permitted to transit through the country without entering for a maximum of 48 hours. Generally, it is employed for brief layovers or connecting journeys.

2) Type C visa for short-term

A Belarus Type C Visa permits family, business, or tourism-related visits of a brief duration. It generally allows for the tenure of a maximum of 90 days within 180 days.

3) Type D visa for long-term stays

To work in Belarus for an extended time, an application for a Type D visa is required. A Type D visa is designated for extended stays in Belarus, generally for employment, academic, or permanent residency purposes. It grants foreign nationals a stay above ninety days. A specific purpose or invitation is necessary.

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How Can Foreign People Work In Belarus?

To work in Belarus, foreign nationals must obtain a work permit known as a “special work permit in the Republic of Belarus.” Upon obtaining the work permit, they are authorized to labor in Belarus.

Work Permit Processing Time:

  • The processing of a Belarus employment permit requires fifteen days.

Salary Package:

  • Monthly salaries range from 489 to 589 BYN on average. However, skilled laborers earn 589 BYN monthly as well.

Required Documents:

  • An application for a visa
  • A photograph from your passport taken within the last six months.
  • Evidence of Medical Insurance
  • Documentation of payment of the visa fee
  • Copy of the applicant’s work permit that has been verified
  • A valid passport bearing one photograph and a minimum of two vacant pages must remain valid for a minimum of ninety days beyond the date of departure from Belarus.

Requirements of Belarus Work Visas:

  • When the employee elects to mail the application, return stamps are required. There are certain circumstances in which employees may be required to present the subsequent documentation.
  • Applicants are required to be under the age of 18. A copy of their birth certificate and the identification of their parents or legal guardians are required.
  • Applicants who were once citizens of Belarus or the USSR are required to provide evidence that they no longer possess that nationality.

Benefits of Jobs in Belarus with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Prospects for Employment in Belarus: Visa-sponsored employment offers foreign nationals the chance to reside and work in Belarus. Individuals in search of a change in their professional milieu or international work experience may find this especially alluring.
  • Cultural Immersion: Employment in Belarus provides the opportunity to become fully immersed in a foreign culture. Exposure to new customs, traditions, and an alternative way of life can prove to be an invaluable and enlightening experience.
  • Career Progression: Employment prospects in Belarus potentially afford prospects for professional growth and progression in one’s career. Engaging in work in an unfamiliar setting has the potential to augment one’s skill set, expand one’s horizons, and create avenues for unprecedented professional opportunities.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Employment in Belarus provides the opportunity to establish a professional network within the nation. Networking can be advantageous for advancing one’s career, gaining knowledge of the local business environment, and forming industry connections.
  • Language Skills Development: Working in Belarus can provide non-native speakers of Russian or Belarusian (the two official languages of Belarus) with the chance to acquire or enhance language abilities, which can have professional and personal benefits.
  • International Work Experience: Prospective employers may consider international work experience, particularly in a country such as Belarus, to be a valuable asset. It showcases cultural sensitivity, adaptability, and the capacity to function effectively in a variety of settings.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship is a substantial advantage for individuals seeking employment in Belarus. It facilitates the immigration procedure and verifies that workers possess the proper legal authorization to operate within the nation.
  • Health Insurance and Social Services: The provision of healthcare insurance and social services to employees is contingent upon the terms and conditions of the employment contract and the employer. It is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the precise benefits that are offered when evaluating a job offer.
  • Financial Stability: Financial stability is frequently a prerequisite for obtaining visa sponsorship and securing employment. A comprehensive knowledge of the salary, compensation package, and cost of living in Belarus is imperative for individuals who are undertaking professional relocations.
  • Quality of Life: Belarus provides an exceptional quality of life under its diverse array of natural, historical, and cultural landmarks. There may be opportunities for individuals laboring in the country to experience and appreciate the local way of life.

How to Apply for Jobs in Belarus with Visa Sponsorship:

Obtaining a visa sponsorship employment in Belarus is the initial step. The employer in Belarus will provide you with a work visa. For employment in Belarus, a work permit application is required. Obtaining the permit enables one to submit a visa application, travel to Belarus, and secure employment there.

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  1. Can a foreigner get a job in Belarus?

    An employer might lawfully employ a foreign national for work in Belarus if it has an office of representation in the country or if it forms an association with an employer of reference that maintains a registered legal entity in Belarus.

  2. Is Belarus good for work?

    Belarus, like several Eastern European countries, presents a wealth of prospects for foreign corporations and expats. Owing to its expanding economy and varied industrial sector, the nation is an extraordinary location for conducting business on the global stage.

  3. How do I get a work permit in Belarus?

    In Belarus, the employer is responsible for starting the work permit application process. The Department of Internal Affairs should receive the completed application, a copy of the prospective employee’s passport, and proof of payment for the processing charge from the employer.


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