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Latvia Work Visa 2024 – Visit Here

Latvia will proactively recruit foreign professionals in 2024 to address its skill gaps by providing a range of work visas that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of various professions. International job candidates have a unique and advantageous opportunity to utilize their skills in a nation that highly regards and incentivizes expertise. Offering competitive remuneration and a surge in demand in fields such as information technology, engineering, and healthcare, Latvia provides an exceptional opportunity to progress in a setting that actively values and attracts international professionals.

Consequently, the following is an astute guide to navigating the landscape of Latvian work visas and capitalizing on the country’s skill-deficient labor market in 2024.

Understanding Latvia’s Work Visa Types:

A variety of work visas are available from Latvia to accommodate various professional requirements and employment durations. An enhanced and succinct synopsis of the A, B, C, D, and Seasonal work visas follows:

1# Visa (Highly Qualified Specialists):

  • Target demographic: Proficient individuals who are vital to the advancement of Latvia’s economy.
  • Validity: A maximum of three years, potentially subject to extension.
  • Requirements: High academic credentials, pertinent professional experience, and sponsorship from a Latvian employer are prerequisites.

2# Visa (Skilled Workers):

  • Target Group: The intended demographic consists of professionals who possess particular talents that are in demand in the labor market of Latvia.
  • Maximum validity: one year; extendable for an additional year.
  • Requirements: Professional credentials, pertinent work experience, and sponsorship from a Latvian employer are prerequisites.

3# Visa (Seasonal Workers):

  • Target Group: Aims to occupy transient positions in industries such as construction, tourism, and agriculture.
  • Validity: Nine months during the preceding twelve months.
  • Requirements: Health insurance, an employment contract in Latvia, and evidence of adequate financial resources are required.

4# Visa (Intra-corporate Transferees):

  • Target Audience: Personnel affiliated with multinational corporations relocating to a subsidiary or branch in Latvia.
  • Validity: Prolongable for up to three years.
  • Requirements: Documents proving employment with the parent company for a minimum of one year and an employment contract with the Latvian branch are prerequisites.

5# Seasonal Work Visa:

  • Target Group: Specific seasonal positions, with an emphasis on those in the agriculture, forestry, and tourism industries.
  • Validity: Nine months of validity within twelve months.
  • Requirements: An employment agreement with a Latvian employer, sufficient funds, and health insurance are prerequisites.

The following table provides an overview of the Latvian employment visa:

Latvian Work VISA Types, Purpose, Validity, and Requirements
Visa TypePurposeValidityRequirements
AHighly qualified specialistsUp to 3 years (extendable)High qualifications, experience, employer sponsorship
BSkilled workersUp to 2 yearsProfessional qualifications, experience, employer sponsorship
CSeasonal workersUp to 9 months (within 12 months)Employment contract, finances, health insurance
DIntra-corporate transfereesUp to 3 years (extendable)Employment contract, parent company employment
SeasonalSpecific seasonal jobsUp to 9 months (within 12 months)Employment contract, finances, health insurance

Benefits of Latvia Work Visa:

  • Legal Employment: A work-related residence permit grants authorization for lawful employment in Latvia. It ensures compliance with the labor laws and regulations of the country.
  • Benefits and Access to Social Services: Possessing a valid residence permit may grant you eligibility for a variety of resident-only social services and services.
  • Healthcare Access: The ability to utilize Latvia’s healthcare system is contingent upon the sort of residence permit held.
  • Possibility of Extended Stay: In contrast to short-term visas, an employment-related residence permit generally grants permission for a more prolonged period of stay in Latvia.
  • Possibility of Reuniting with Family: Certain types of residence permits may permit you to bring family members to Latvia with you.
  • Route to Permanent Residency or Citizenship: After a certain period, you may be eligible to petition for permanent residency or even Latvian citizenship, depending on the particular circumstances and the type of permit.
  • Schengen Area Travel Freedom: Latvia is a member state of the Schengen Area. A Latvian employment-related residence permit grants unrestricted travel throughout this region, which encompasses a considerable number of European countries, without requiring supplementary credentials.

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Is there any Job Search VISA Available for Latvia in 2024?

While Latvia does not offer a dedicated “Job Search Visa,” individuals seeking employment in the country have several other options:

  • Visa-Free Entry for 90 Days: In any 180 days, nationals of countries with visa-free agreements may enter Latvia for a maximum of 90 days. This presents a practical alternative for engaging in job search endeavors such as attending interviews or establishing professional connections.
  • Business Visa (C-type): This visa is well-suited for individuals who have planned visits to potential employers, intention to attend job fairs, or engage in industry-related events for a maximum duration of 90 days. It is mandatory to obtain an invitation from a Latvian organization or company.
  • Long-term Residence Permit for Highly Qualified Specialists (A-type Visa): Those who are in high demand in Latvia and possess exceptional qualifications and skills may consider this option. It is necessary to secure this visa with the backing of a prospective employer and provide evidence of the substantial value you can contribute to the Latvian market.

Skill Shortage Occupations in Latvia in 2024

The following industries are experiencing capacity shortages, according to the Latvian State Employment Agency, the Latvian Ministry of Economics, and the Latvian Employers Confederation:

  • ICT Professionals: Professionals in ICT include network architects, software developers, and cybersecurity specialists.
  • Engineers: Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers are all engineers.
  • Health Professionals: Health professionals include pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.
  • Business Professionals: Logistics, marketing, and finance-savvy managers.

Also in demand are occupations requiring moderate skill levels, such as truck drivers, construction laborers, and chefs.

Where to Find Jobs in Latvia in 2024?

The aforementioned talent shortage jobs in Latvia can be located on any of the platforms listed below:

Employer Involvement in the Latvian Work Visa Process:

The employer is responsible for a different form of visa:

  • A-type and C-type Work Permits: Significant employer participation, with duties including the submission of applications and the provision of supporting documentation.
  • D-type Work Permit: Reduced participation; a letter of invitation may prove necessary.
  • Seasonal Work Permit: Employer participation is moderate, consisting primarily of invitation and registration for the work position.

The dynamic labor market and wide range of work visa alternatives in Latvia offer a favorable environment for proficient individuals. Maintaining informedness and effectively utilizing resources such as the EU Blue Card portal, the Latvian Migration Office, and job forums are imperative while navigating the application process. When approached appropriately, Latvia has the potential to transform from a mere picturesque locale into a flourishing center for professionals.

  1. How can I get a visa for Latvia from Pakistan?

    For Latvia visas, Pakistani nationals are required to visit the closest Embassy and submit the application form. Apply to the Latvian embassy with all of the required documentation and a copy of your passport; payment of the application charge is also required.

  2. Is Latvia easy to get PR?

    A Permanent Residency Permit will be given to you following five years of continuous residence in Latvia while having a Temporary Residency Permit. After ten years of residence in Latvia and proficiency in the Latvian language, an individual is qualified to apply for Latvian citizenship.

  3. How much is the Latvia visa fee?

    Latvia short-stay visas can be obtained for ₹7,799 and up.


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