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To achieve occupancy, revenue, and resident retention goals, this position is responsible for coordinating the community’s marketing, leasing, and renewal strategies by managing all leasing-related responsibilities for new residents, ensuring resident satisfaction throughout the lease term, and securing resident lease renewals.


In recent years, professional leasing positions have become increasingly sought after in the United States as the real estate industry has expanded substantially. This post will provide an in-depth analysis of leasing careers, focusing specifically on the prospects available at Duarte Station.

Understanding the Role of a Leasing Professional:

Leasing personnel are indispensable to the real estate sector. Their responsibilities include facilitating lease agreements, responding to inquiries, and conducting building tours for prospective tenants. Their objective is to be extremely knowledgeable about the properties they market, to comprehend the local market, and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Job Description of Leasing Professional:

Performs all leasing and sales responsibilities to achieve the revenue and occupancy goals of the community. This encompasses activities such as extending a warm welcome and conducting tenant screenings, providing guided tours of the community and apartments, handling application processing, conducting credit and criminal background checks, organizing the move-in package and lease, and ensuring that residents can execute their leases without any complications.

  • Ensure that apartments are habitable before residents’ arrival, and coordinate for the maintenance staff to complete any outstanding tasks.
  • Additionally, adheres to the established regulations of the community concerning concessions, promotions, and other activities designed to enhance occupancy. Plans and executes both immediate and long-term marketing initiatives and objectives to maintain occupancy.
  • Constructs and executes marketing strategies intending to entice and advance community traffic. Employer and resident outreach programs, the use of internet marketing tools (Facebook, Craigslist, email, and other websites), adherence to other community-specific marketing plans, driving, and special initiatives are examples of such strategies.
  • Utilizes on-site property management software (e.g., Yardi, OneSite) to monitor unit availability, leasing activity, traffic, essential demographic and other tenant information about current and prospective tenants, and resident and prospect data.
  • Conducts daily inspections of the leasing tour and marketing corridor, ensures that the community and show units adhere to the company’s show quality standards, and notifies the community’s maintenance staff of any required maintenance.
  • Communicate with prospective and existing tenants via email, cards, letters of appreciation, phone calls, or other means of correspondence to ascertain their contentment before finalizing lease and/or renewal determinations.
  • Preparing packages and letters for residents, meeting with and communicating with renewing residents before move-out dates, and ensuring that lease renewal documentation is signed and executed on time to carry out and support the community’s lease renewal program.

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Benefits of Leasing Professional Jobs in USA:

  • Lucrative Compensation: Leasing professionals frequently obtain enticing compensation packages comprising a fixed salary, commissions, incentives, and supplementary perks like retirement plans and health insurance. Leasing agents who achieve success possess the capacity to generate substantial revenue via commissions on lease transactions.
  • Potential for Professional Development: Leasing experts are presented with prospects for professional progression within the real estate sector. Real estate brokers, leasing managers, and property managers are all positions that individuals can advance to with sufficient experience and a track record of success.
  • Dynamic Work Environment: A dynamic work environment is characteristic of leasing professionals, as they are required to interact with a wide range of individuals, including tenants, real estate agents, property owners, and other professionals in the industry. The variety of interactions contributes to the job’s intrigue and involvement.
  • Variety of Properties: Leasing professionals are exposed to a diverse array of properties, which may include multifamily developments, retail storefronts, industrial warehouses, residential apartments, and commercial office spaces. This assortment enables individuals to acquire a wide range of expertise and experience in the real estate industry.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Engaging in leasing activities offers prospects for establishing connections with prospective occupants, property owners, investors, and fellow real estate practitioners. Establishing and sustaining a robust professional network can result in the acquisition of fresh business prospects, recommendations, and alliances.
  • Skill Development: Leasing professionals acquire an array of valuable skills that extend beyond the real estate sector. These include proficiency in sales and negotiation, marketing and advertising, customer service, financial analysis, and contract management.
  • Employment Stability: Leasing professionals generally enjoy a relatively consistent demand, even in the face of economic contractions. Leasing properties is a necessity irrespective of market conditions, which ensures employment stability for professionals in this industry.
  • Work-Life Balance: A considerable number of leasing professionals appreciate the flexibility and independence they have in organizing their workday. Although some evening or weekend hours may be necessary to facilitate the schedules of clients, leasing professionals frequently enjoy the flexibility to effectively manage their time and uphold a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal lives.
  • The influence on Communities: Leasing professionals contribute significantly to the development and vitality of communities by connecting individuals with suitable commercial or residential spaces. Leasing professionals contribute to the life and prosperity of communities by connecting prospective tenants with suitable properties.
  • Satisfaction from Helping Others: Leasing professionals find fulfillment in assisting clients in locating the ideal property that meets their requirements, be it a residential property for a family or an operational space for a business. Creating successful pairings and witnessing client satisfaction with their choices can be personally gratifying.

Requirements of Leasing Professional Jobs in USA:

  • Yardi Driving Permit from OneSite
  • Check for criminal history
  • The organization that hired Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC

Required Licenses or Certificates for Leasing Professional Jobs:

  • All state and municipal certificates and credentials that are mandatory must be held by current employees.
  • A valid driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart on the premises.

Regular full-time and part-time team members may qualify for a compensation program in addition to their base pay, contingent upon their position. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements may enroll in the 401(k) plan. In addition, regular, full-time team members are eligible for an assortment of health, financial, and other benefits.

Those interested in launching a real estate career in Duarte Station, specifically, may find leasing professional positions in the United States to be particularly intriguing. Success in this fast-paced position is achievable with the proper education, skills, and drive.

More Info

  1. What is the work of leasing?

    A Leasing Agent engages in communication with potential tenants daily. They can collaborate directly with a property manager, property proprietor, or real estate firm, or they can operate as an independent agent. In addition, they can work with property maintenance employees such as groundskeepers or landscapers to guarantee the properties’ everlasting pristine condition.

  2. Why leasing is profitable?

    Leasing may bring in income for a variety of reasons: Leasing permits organizations to get assets without requiring an enormous initial investment. This allows corporations to put their funds towards alternative initiatives, such as increasing their workforce, directing resources toward creative endeavors, or resolving outstanding obligations.

  3. How much do leasing agents make in CA?

    In California, the average yearly salary for a leasing agent is $39,000. The salary of a leasing agent may vary from $18,000 to $73,000, dependent on several variables such as employer, skills, experience, bonuses, and bonuses, among others.


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